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Ikiam has been established in the Amazon, for the Amazon. With a sustainability theme running through each of its academic programs, Ikiam aspires to train a new generation of professionals and scientists having the skills to manage fragile landscapes in the Anthropocene age.

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Colonso was focused to develop solutions for conservation, education and sustainability, because we all depend on the health of the Amazon. Colonso was a key partner in a guayusa ethical international value chain program.

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Ikiam EP

Founding Board Chair

Ikiam EP is a hybrid enterprise that commercialises the operations and resources of Ikiam University.

Outcomes of other projects

Cookshire Solar Project - A 30MW experimental solar farm with battery storage in Far North Queensland to test fringe of grid base-load challenges.
Awakkuna - A winner of the 2017 UNAOC / BMW Group Intercultural Innovation Award. A creative industries project to diversify income and build economic resilience in marginalised regional communities.
Guayusa ethical value chain program - A business development cluster of small businesses, established to build an ethical international export value chain for guayusa, a herbal tea and emblematic Amazon agriproduct.
Reserva Biologica Colonso Chalupas Research Station - Located in remote mountainous terrain, six hours walk into a 90,000 Ha Amazon rainforest and cloudforest reserve. This research station makes conservation research possible within a global megadiversity hotspot.
Consejo de las Nacionalidades - The first university indigenous advisory council in Ecuador. The Consejo incorporates all 11 indigenous nationalities of the Ecuadorian Amazon, also acknowledging two uncontacted peoples.
National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility (NCCARF) - Refunded in 2014 as an ongoing national program between seven universities, state and federal government partners to drive climate change adaptation in Australia.
SPTS Technologies and Griffith Joint Development Program - A major university / industry / government collaboration to develop semiconductor fabrication technology.
Social Analytics Lab - A cyber-secure social science research facility in partnership between Griffith University, University College London and ICURS Canada.
Queensland Tropical Health Alliance - A state-wide collaboration between five universities and institutes to address tropical health challenges.